Off-season vegetable damage by a massive hailstorm in Shimla and surrounding areas

The Off-season vegetables and fruit crops were damaged in many Gram Panchayats of Kasumpti and Shimla rural by a massive hailstorm in the surrounding area of Shimla in Himachal Pradesh today.

Himachal Pradesh Kisan Sabha President Dr. Kuldeep Singh Tanwar said that crops of Cauliflower, Cabbage, Tomatoes, Capsicum, and French been damaged 100 percent.

He said that crops that were almost ready to be harvested had been destroyed completely in Digthi – Patgair of Kasumpti Assembly. At certain places, Beans were sown for the third time, which also got destroyed.

“All the off-season vegetables have been destroyed in different villages and locations of Mashobra Block and Shimla Rural Tehsil,” he said.

It is unfortunate that neither are vegetables covered under the crop insurance Scheme (FBY) &  loss and compensation due to natural calamities per Bighas is one of the lowest in the region.

Dr Tanwar said that the state government is providing compensation at the rate of Rs 300 bigha however in the border state of Haryana compensation at the rate of Rs 15,000/= per acre ( Rs 3,000/ Bigha) is being provided.

Dr. Tanwar said that people are unfortunately being dumped by the Public Representatives {MLAs & MP’s } irrespective of parties as the ruling Congress &  BJP  never raise these burning issues.

It is worthwhile to mention that inclement weather and unseasonal rainfall proved disastrous to Apple and other crops as hailstorm is continuing damaging crops for the last three months.

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