On the lines of apples, tomatoes should also be bought on the basis of Kg: Dr. Tanwar

On the lines of apples, tomatoes of farmers should also be bought in mandis on the basis of kilogram so that farmers can get a fair price for their produce. State President of Kisan Sabha, Dr. Kuldeep Tanwar, while presiding over the meeting of Kasupanti Kisan Sabha on Monday, said that tomatoes of farmers are bought in vegetable markets on the basis of bids, due to which farmers have to suffer losses many times, while tomato crates are kept for more than 24 hours. Capacity to hold 28 kgs of tomatoes. He has demanded the government to buy tomatoes and other vegetables from the farmers on the basis of kilograms in the mandis for which effective steps should be taken.
Dr. Tanwar said that due to heavy rains and landslides, where farmers’ fields, houses, and roads were badly damaged, this time due to rain and hailstorm, farmers had to sow crops twice. Due to the indifference of the weather, the farmers could not produce even 10 percent of the crop.
Jaishiv Thakur, secretary of the Kisan Sabha Kasumpti Area Committee, has also objected to the cutting of two kilos per piece in the vegetable market by the jobbers. Fourlane-affected farmers also raised their problems in the meeting. He said that they have been demanding four times compensation for a long time but governments have been ignoring their demands.
Dr. Tanwar said that today farmers need to do their farming in a scientific way. He said that today only 10 percent of the total land in Himachal is with the farmers. In that too, there are about 86 percent of farmers have less than 5 bighas of land. He advised the farmers to adopt a multi-cropping pattern.
Gulab Chandel, President of Kasumpti Area Committee also presented his views on this occasion. Farmer representatives of 17 panchayats participated in the meeting.

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