Non-narcotic use of hemp to hike revenue and livelihood avenues in Himachal

Revenue Minister Jagat Singh Negi said that the state government is going to adopt an altogether approach of non-narcotic use of hemp plants to generate revenue besides creating livelihood opportunities for the people.

Jagat Singh Negi was presiding over the first meeting of the his committee constituted in this regard, here today. He said that the committee is looking at all the aspects of the regulations and policy framework to open the market for medical and industrial use of hemp to provide patients with access to safer natural medicines and for making available biodegradable or organic alternatives to plastic and construction material in the state.

The Revenue Minister said that the committee further analyzed the scope of the Hemp market in the State with a focus on environmental benefits. Foreign investment is also expected to come in coming years. Himachal Pradesh can lead on this opportunity by creating conducive policy for such investment opportunities. Multiple high value products across various industries like pharmaceuticals, ayurveda, textiles, foods and cosmetics can be made with the fiber, seed, leaf and flower of Hemp.

Licensed cultivation of medical hemp in the polyhouse, licensed cultivation of industrial hemp with less intoxicant factor in enclosed or fenced areas besides collection of Wild Cannabis, reducing its availability for the drug market and using the wild plant for non-narcotic purposes were also discussed during the meeting.

The committee further discussed how the backward areas of the state can benefit from the project.

Jagat Singh Negi said that the committee also plans to tour the neighboring states like Uttarakhand and Madhya Pradesh to analyze the impact of regulations of Hemp Cultivation.

Advocate Deven Khanna detailed about non-narcotic use of hemp plant and its benefits on the occasion.

Chief Parliamentary Secretary, Sunder Singh Thakur, MLA, Dr. Hans Raj, Dr. Janak Raj, Puran Chand Thakur and Kewal Singh Pathania and Additional Commissioner State Taxes and Excise Dr. Rajiv Dogra were also present on the occasion.

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