New guidelines for postings and transfers of Himachal Government employees

A Spokesperson of the State Government today here informed that the Government has decided that all matters related to postings and transfers of Government employees in different departments will be put up in last four working days of the month. He said that to ensure effective consideration by Chief Minister Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu, all matters pertaining to these postings and transfers will now be reviewed and finalized during last four working days of each month.

He said that further approved orders of postings & transfers will also be issued by the Departments concerned only in the last four working days of the month. Therefore, such matters will not be taken up during the remaining days of the month unless there are exceptional circumstances.

These instructions would also be applicable to all Boards/ Corporations of the State Government and be strictly complied with. He emphasized that any violation of the instructions would result in disciplinary action being taken.

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