First 5 Days of Monsoon: Death tolls mount to 15 and  Rs 219 Cr revenue loss in Himachal 

During the first five days of South West monsoon rain in Himachal Pradesh wreak havoc as 15 human lives were lost 34 injured and revenue loss tuned to Rs 219 Crore caused, the state administration said in a media communique issued this evening.

According to the state disaster management authority in the five days of Monsoon rain death tolls mount to 19 as seven people lost life in Shimla, three in Hamirpur, two each in Chamba and two in Solan, and one each in Kangra Kullu and Una district. Nine died in rain-related vehicle accidents, five were drownings and washing down in water bodies three died from felling down from trees and steep rocks, and one in a landslide.

State Government said that Rs 16 Cr of private property and Rs 216 Cr of public property( Rs 100.97 Cr of the IPH Dept, Rs 90.50 Cr of the PWD dept, and Rs 26.22 Cr of Horticulture Dept) were lost in the monsoon rain. Besides this five houses were completely damaged and 36 houses partly. One shop, 20 cowsheds, and 352 livestock died.

The state was hit by nine landslides one cloud burst and six flash flood incidents. The heavy rainfall damaged and washed down about 1318 drinking water supply schemes rendering a loss of about Rs 74.23 Cr, Including Shimla’s capital town most of the places where water supply is being done from lifting water have dry taps and water supply is being affected since last five days. Heavy rainfall and flashflood disrupted about 286 irrigation schemes rendering a loss of Rs 21.20 Cr to the state of Jalshakti Vibhag. Ten water supply schemes are affected by the flood causing Rs 1.60 Crore monitory loss. Around 23 Sewerage schemes were also affected by the flash flood causing Rs 3.92 Crore loss. A total of 1635 government schemes are affected leading loss of 100 Crore. The state government claimed that it has restored the 1249 water supply scheme so far.

In the rainy season, 127 roads are disrupted by the heavy rainfall including 61 roads in the Mandi zone, 39 in Shimla 17 in Kangra, and ten in the Hamirpur zone. The rainfall has caused a revenue loss of Rs 3.04 Cr to the National Highway and RS 90.80 Cr to the state public works department. According to the assessment, rain caused Rs 26.22 Cr loss in 1475 hectare  Horticulture crops due to natural calamity in the monsoon to as many as 1909 farmers as Mango, Litch, Citrus, Apple, and stones are affected by the flash flood heavy monsoon rain and windstorm.   

State Government said that in the Monsoon rain of June 24 and 25 one house, and two cowsheds were damaged, three cattle died and one school and eight vehicles were damaged. 

A cloud bursts near Kheri village of Sujanpur in Hamirpur on June 25 causing part damage to a house, wall of Panchayat Ghar, and school boundary damaged and the electricity supply was also affected in the area. A flashflood hit Baggi of Gram Panchayat Shegli on the same day in which a primary school, a house two cowsheds were damaged and three cattle also died. A number of tourists also struck by the flash flood have to stay in Dhabas, Hotels, and Homestays till local roads are restored. A Flash flood also hit Khoti Nallla due to which NH-5 blocked the latter road was restored. 

On June 24 flashflood hit Mohal Khud of Kullu district due to which eight vehicles including five cars and three tractors damaged. On the same day flash flood was reported in Pejjar Khud of Mohal Lippa Khas in Kinnuar district. Kinnuar and Lahaul Spiti districts receive very scarce monsoon rainfall also affected by the very heavy rainfall. Five local irrigation schemes (Khual) washed down rendering a loss of Rs 15 lakh to the farmers and government. In Lahaul Spiti district Near Dared and Magdran Nullah in Subdivision Udaipur which disrupted roads at many places. 

Rain also disrupted Jot Road near Chowari in Chamba stranding 40 vehicles. In Kangra, a district landslide occurred at Mahal Phera, Mauja Lang in which the Petrol pump crate wall was damaged. An incident of shooting stones was reported at Deyod of Mandi town in which a PWD worker DumunRam died on the spot. A landslide was reported on NH-5 between Mandi to Kullu at seven and four miles where the road could not restore. A house was also damaged in Village Sharog under the Theog subdivision in the Shimla district due to a landslide.

On June 24 total of nine landslides occurred in which one died and a house was completely damaged. In Shimla town landslide hit the British Resort Singh board near Kumar’s house Shimla two Deodar trees also came down on a building and the landslide also posed a danger to two buildings. Landslides also occurred at Dharmpur as the front wall of the Mosque collapsed. Landslides also hit Kotbeja and Sihridi Panchayat in the Kasuli subdivision in which two front walls of two houses cave in. 

According to Met Office state recorded 29 percent excess rain from June 1 to 28 in the state. The Solan district recorded 99 pc excess rain, Mandi 88 PC, Kangra 64 pc, Sirmaur 57 pc Bilaspur 54 pc, Shimla 50 pc, Kullu 27 PC, and Chamba 25 pc. 

On Wednesday a car carrying five youths fell down in a 300 feet deep gorge near the Shulan curve on the Kaleda-Majhvati road under the Rampur subdivision. Four died on the spot and one was referred to the Khernri hospital. The victims are returning home early today after attending a marriage party. The deceased were identified as Avinash, Suman, Himani(all 22yrs), and Sandeep (40) all belonging to the Kukhi village of Rampur. One woman was hospitalized at Rampur civil hospital.

In another mishap 20 sheep and 40 goats died due to lightning in Shunkchang top of Kullu Manikarna Valley. One person was injured. Information Animal Husbandry Department and Revenue Department team left for the spot, Deputy Director of Animal Husbandry Department Vishal Sharma informed.

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