NDRF rescues trapped villagers in Kangra due to sudden increase of water level in Breas river

On 17/07/23 at around 10 pm, the water level of the Beas River suddenly increased due to the release of water from Pong Dam, due to which some people of the village got trapped in Gram Panchayat-Miyani, Indochara, District-Kangra (H.P.).  Thereafter, ADM Kangra immediately requested the control room of 14 NDRFs to deploy the NDRF team at the incident site.

As soon as the information was received by the NDRF, 01 rescue team was dispatched to the spot.  Immediately after the team reached the spot, the rescue operation was started and despite the low visibility at night, the team showed its skills and with the help of votes, 02 women and 04 children trapped in the water were safely rescued.  The said rescue ops were executed by the NDRF team in the night itself.

 On 18/07/23, it was again informed by ADM Kangra in the control room of 14 NDRF that due to the release of water from Pong Dam, the water level of Beas river has increased in Hirali Panchayat, Fatehpur, District-Kangra.  07 people are trapped and the NDRF team was asked to be deployed at the spot to rescue them.

 Immediately 01 team was dispatched by NDRF to the incident site.  Immediately after the rescue team reached the spot, the rescue operation started with flood equipment.  A total of 07 people were safely evacuated from the incident site by the Uktas team without taking care of their safety.  The above rescue operations were greatly appreciated by ADM Kangra, the civil administration, and the local public.

 Recently, 14 rescue operations were carried out by 14 NDRF at two places in district Kulluy and Kinnauer, where the stranded people were bravely rescued by the rescuers even after road and mobile services were disrupted.  Such prompt action is commendable.

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