NDRF recovered bodies of three people from the Sutlej River 

A 14-member Rescue team of the National Disaster Relief Force recovered the body of two women and a man who drowned in Satluj River after a road mishap in Kinnuar district about 250 km from the state capital today.

According to a press release issued by the district administration said that a pickup vehicle plunged into Satluj River on July  26.

District administration have to requisition a  Urni stationed NDRF as neither vehicle nor bodies could trace out in the Sutjej River. 

NDRF divers successfully traced out the pick-up near Tapri which was floating in the water. 

To trace the vehicle earlier administration also reduce the discharge of the river from the Karchham Dam but still, it was still very difficult to reach the river bank rock at night.  The NDRF team reached the river bank with the help of equipment.  

Taking the risk a swimmer of the NDRF team entered the river at night and traced the vehicle and made it stable with the help of hooks and ropes to stop it in the water.  

The operation was resumed on 27.07.23 and the vehicle was lifted with the help of a crane or recovery provided by the administration, 03 missing bodies were recovered by the NDRF team and handed over to civil police.

  This was another risky and daring operation by NDRF.  

According to the State Disaster Management Authority death toll due to monsoon rain increased to 183 on Thursday. Around 7816 houses are damaged, 2120 cowshed and 240 shops are washed away and damaged rendering total loss tunes to Rs 5492 Crore to state property. 

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