Monsoon rain damaged a number of houses and roads in Himachal

South West Monsoon rain lashed most places of Himachal Pradesh this morning disrupting normal life again, the state administration confirmed that flash floods, landslides, and rising water levels washed away the arable lands in Una and affected vehicular traffic in the Sirmaur district.

The revival of monsoon rain disrupted vehicular traffic on the Nahan-Renuka road, following a series of landslides near the Badolia bridge near Dadahu. The movement of vehicles has been disrupted due to the accumulation of debris on the road and long queues of vehicles have formed on both sides of the bridge. 

This road was also affected by recent rainfall as a landslide incident hit near the Badolia bridge. A number of vehicles are stranding on both sides of landslides on the highway. The administration has directed the Public Works Department to clear the road to restore blocked, 

 Earlier this morning flash flood incident also occurred under Village Khad of the Haroli subdivision in the Una district. In the rush of water about eight to ten houses were also damaged. A car was also struck in the flash flood water but the occupants were rescued before the mishap. Indian Meteorological Department already sound advisory of very heavy rainfall, and thunderstorms in some places in the next 24 hrs. The local people and tourists are cautioned of Traffic congestion, poor visibility, and disruption of power supply in the rain-affected areas.

Besides this damage occur to the standing crops, fruit plants, and young seedlings moreover state administration have ordered the concerned departments to take adequate safety measure. There are reports that about 24 roads and 22 power transmission lines are affected by the recent rainfall. According to the state revenue Department during this monsoon state suffered a total loss of Rs 262.2 Cr. and total crop areas tuned to 300 hectares were washed away and affected in the state.

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