1000 Lok Mitra Kendra to be opened in the current FY throughout Himachal: Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu

The government mulls to open 1000 Lok Mitra Kendra in far-flung areas during the current fiscal to provide instant access to the internet to the people, especially residing in rural areas of the state and also with an objective to create employment opportunities for the rural youth at their doorstep.

“The government is determined to make high speed internet connectivity accessible to the users in the rural areas, especially the villages where the internet services are not yet available, through these Kendras,” said Chief Minister Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu. He added that a widespread Optical Fiber Cable network will be laid across the state for providing reliable and high speed connectivity. The government will also take up the matter with the concerned authorities to strengthen 5G services. Adequate budget provision has been made for the same by the government for the current financial year, he added.

Almost all of the government’s people-centric services today are available online and with the help of existing Lok Mitra Kendras people get easy and quick access to these services. Now that the government has decided to further strengthen the network of Lok Mitra Kendra, the move will ensure efficiency in services such as registration of birth and death certificates, revenue records, bonafide certificates, driving licenses, registration on various educational institutions, filling of examination forms, online job applications etc.

This will also uphold the state government’s commitment to promoting the use of effective and efficient technology for providing responsive, transparent and accountable administration.

Sh. Sukhu said that the Government has also decided to upgrade the State Data Centre. This development will provide information related to any development and welfare at a click of a button, aiding in better use of such information.

The Chief Minister said that an ‘Integrated Data Base Management System’ would be created in the next four months. This system will then be used for the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) mapping of different welfare schemes of various departments, including Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Labour & Employment. The information will then be used for effective planning by proper framing of welfare programmes and developmental schemes.

Additionally, the government has also started the process of setting up a registry named “Him Parivar”, reiterated the Chief Minister. This platform will contain relevant data of the families on a single platform. Information related to family members will be integrated on “Him Parivar” by using data of PDS, e-Kalyan and other such portals. Under this, one Unique ID will be provided to each beneficiary and the benefits of various Government schemes will be available at one place in no time. The Beneficiaries will have to submit necessary documents only once and need not visit Government offices repeatedly. 

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