Modi Govt pressing uniform civil code issue as a poll gimmick for upcoming Lok Sabha Election: Vikramaditya Singh

The Council of Minister in Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu government Mr. Vikramaditya Singh today blamed the Narendra Modi government for pressing the uniform civil code issue as a poll gimmick for the upcoming Lok Sabha Election.

Giving a media byte to a few electronic channels here today Public Development and Youth and sports minister Vikramaditya Singh stated that BJP and NDA governments have a majority government at the center but now it could not able to face the burning issues of Employment, Development and Law and Order problem trying to raise the issue of UCC. He said that BJP had tried to galvanize public mandate in the 2019 Lok Sabha Election on the Pulwama attack and Rammandir and National Citizenship Act seems to switch over to UCC. He said that the Narendra Modi government had remained silent to address law and order issues in Manipur trying to indulge in divisive Politics. 

He said that it does so because BJP has no solution to unemployment, declining growth of GDP Price rise, and economic crisis. Son of former chief minister Virbhadra Singh and Cong state president Pratibha Singh mentioned that the Modi government reduce borrowing limit of non-BJP state government going to focus on divisive agenda and at the time of the Election it is focusing on UCC to run away from the burning issues.

He said that the Congress party may form its opinion on UCC and most likely support the UCC as the party is always supported the uniform civil code in the past and its government has also tried to bring UCC. He said that the party is likely to support UCC. Falling apart from Congres’s stand on the construction of Ram mandir late Mr Virbhadra Singh and Mr Vikramaditya Singh had also supported the BJP. Now it is worthwhile to mention that support for UCC by Vikramaditya Singh also may be different from the party stand but his statement is not an official statement of the party.

Himachal Pradesh has less than two percent population of minorities and issue like UCC doesn’t matter in the state. During the previous Vidhan Sabha election BJP also promised the majority of Hindu majority voters to come with UCC soon but BJP could not succeed to polarize votes on the communal lines.

Mr Vikramaditya Singh also consider 3rd major BJP leader after Arvind Kejriwal and Bhagwat Mann who extended support to UCC in North India.

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