Many people in Summerhill Ward joined Aam Aadmi Party

Many people took membership of the party from Summerhill Ward in Aam Aadmi Party State Office today. Party spokesperson Gaurav Sharma got all of them membership in the office and welcomed and congratulated them. He said that all the people of Shimla for the party municipal elections. Membership campaign is going on continuously in the wards so that in the upcoming elections , candidates of Aam Aadmi Party can be fielded in 41 wards . Deepak Rajneesh and Harish joined the party from Summerhill ward. Sister Mamta Chandel from Sanjauli, who is a social worker and is always involved in social work, has also subscribed today, expressing faith in the party. The party has its membership campaign in every ward. Every worker is committed to strengthen the party There is no right to live in the municipal corporation, their mayor should immediately should resign . The government was hit hard. BJP takes votes by telling lies only and after the elections are over, it collects all the election money from the general public. Pouring is their old habit and they say that India is changing.

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