Manmade reasons and mismanagement behind Himachal’s current devastation: Hoshiyar Singh 

Independent member of Assembly from Dehra today created the furrowers in the house when he blamed the many members for indulging in whooping unscientific mining and operating large number of stone crashers on the river beds rendering heavy loss of life and property and devastation.
Speaking on the resolution of rain fury introduced in the assembly by Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu on Monday Mr Hoshiyar Singh suddenly increased the temperature of the house by stating that even members of this house have part to play in the tragedy as they own stone crashers.  

Member created uproar in the house when he said that 21 political functionaries of ruling and opposition benches owned the stone crushers. ” I am referring to the issue in the house since crashers are being blamed for the devastation, but when members of both benches are part to play with the issue this house needs to ponder upon it ” he said also stating state is facing the loss of Rs. one Crore due to closing down of 128 crashers in the state.

He said that members are blaming a number of stone crushers on the river beds for the devastation and flashflood but the government should also keep this thing in mind that the banks of rivers are rising due to a lack of quarrying activities on the river beds and there should be scientific mining on the river beds. 

He said that if the government is so keen to wind off 128 stone crashers it should come out with an alternate policy as it is rendering loss of tunes to Crore for the construction activities. The member suggested creating the reserve fund and disaster tax on the mining, quarrying activities, uprooting of trees and natural wealth to compensate the cost of environment degradation. 
Mr. Singh said that the reserve force of police have no use if they could not help the people in times of tragedy as a state have to see toward NDRF in each tragedy. He said that water discharge from the Pong Dam flooded the entire Fatehpur assembly constituency and caused devastation due to the release of water without announcement. Intervening during the member address in the Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu said that members of the assembly have tried to create a sensation by blaming the member assemblies to own the crashers. CM said that he must name the members before indicating this intuition of MLAs or even the former MLAs in his speech. Chief Minister insisted that members should lay the list of such MLAs in the house as he could not evade his allegations without substantive claims he made during his address. 
Chief Minister said that it is not proper for two times members to drag the MLAs into the rain fury for being owing stone crushers. Mr. Thakur said that members should refrain from blaming anyone if they accuse anyone like this they should have a record with him and should table in the house. 
Giving his ruling on the issue speaker Kuldeep Singh Pathania stated that Mr. Hoshiyar Singh did not intend to blame any members for having stone crashers or leading to the devastation it however he stated that the government should allow them to operate stone crashers with scientific mining. The speaker stated that he would go through the record of the house if members had blamed MLAs for the devastation owing to their stone crashers it would be expunged such remarks.  
Deputy Chief Minister Mukesh Agnihotri also intervened on the issue of stranding hundreds of people near a stone Crasher however administration has no knowledge of the having so many people being employed there. However, NDRF acted immediately and rescued all the people. 
Earlier Mr. Hoshiyar Singh also stated that Shimla in the state uprooting and falling down of huge Deodar trees in the habitations caused massive devastation as falling trees damaged houses, took many lives, and disrupted many roads. Independent members also said that it was a man-made reason for the rain fury as road cutting was done steeply vertically hills for the construction of new roads and national highways. He said that new construction should be allowed proper planning of carrying and bearing capacity and land survey. He said that a number of cracks have developed on the road and pavement in Shimla town which is waiting for another tragedy to strike as any high magnitude earthquake would lead to another rainfury. He said that offices of Shimla town should be shifted to other safe places as the carrying capacity of the town is already exhausted. 
He said that instead of pressing for a relief package state should ask the center to waive the public debt on the government. Member also said that every house should be covered under the insurance policy as it should be mandatory compliance. He said that grants under construction of new houses should be increased from Rs two lakh as new houses could not be built from such small amounts. How many IAS would accept that one could live in a house constructed out of two lakh, he asked.
Speaking on the resolution BJP member Randhir Sharma took jib on the state government stating that the Government is managing the national calamity with more rigor as Public Works Development Minister Vikramaditya Singh blamed the illegal mining going on the river bed for the tragedy however another minister and Deputy CM Mukesh Agnihotri refute the PWD minister stating that he is not in charge of the department and not familiar with the fact however last passing remarks were made by the mining expert and MLA from Doon Mr. Ramkumar that it was due to unscientific mining.’ 
Later intervening on the remarks made by Randhir Sharma against him Ramkumar stated that the member named him during his speech but he had made a statement on the issue of mining not in the response of the two ministers however since the Doon assembly faced massive devastation due to unscientific mining as a bridge and many houses damaged by the rising of water level on the river banks. 

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