55 member state committee constituted, Vijender Mehra elected State President

The 14th State Conference of CITU was held in Mandi. A 55-member state committee was elected in the state conference, in which Vijender Mehra was re-elected as president, Prem Gautam as general secretary and Ajay Dulata as treasurer. Dr. Kashmir Singh Thakur, Jagat Ram, Ravindra Kumar, Sudesh Thakur, Bhupendra Singh, Neelam Jaswal, ND Ranaut were elected as Vice Presidents and Joginder Kumar, Vina Sharma, Rajesh Thakur, Kuldeep Dogra, Rajesh Sharma, Kewal Kumar and Ashok Katoch were elected as Secretaries. . Daljit Sharma, Ramakant Mishra, Gurnam Singh, Bhup Singh Bhandari, Sarchand Thakur, Vijay Sharma, Sumitra Thakur, Himmi Devi, Surendra Kumar, Madan Negi, Bihari Sevagi, Ranjan Sharma, Suresh Rathor, Mohit Verma, Narendra Kumar, Balak Ram, Gurdas Verma, Padma Prabhakar, Dalip Kumar, Vinod Visranta, Virendra Kumar, Ram Prakash, Inder Singh, Himindri Sharma, Balbir Chauhan, Ashish Kumar, Vicky, Anil Kumar, Veena, Sudesh, Praveen, Santosh Kumar were selected.

11 delegates including Vijendra Mehra, Prem Gautam, Ajay Dulta, Vina Sharma, Neelam Jaswal, Sudesh, Joginder, Bhup Singh, Bhupendra Singh, Balbir Singh, Suresh Rathore, Ashok Katoch for the National Conference to be held in Bangalore from 18 to 22 January 2023 Selected.

CITU State President Vijendra Mehra and General Secretary Prem Gautam informed that ten resolutions were passed in the conference against rising inflation, against changes in labor laws, scheme workers including Anganwadi, Mid Day Meal and Asha workers. , about strengthening the labor welfare board, giving Rs 350 daily wage to MGNREGA workers and continuing the benefits of labor welfare board to them, organizing transport workers in government and private sector, employing outsourced workers in departments, about employees It includes proposals for reinstatement of the old pension scheme and to curb attacks against communalism and against scheduled castes and tribes. It was decided in the conference that on October 10, it was decided to organize a statewide protest at the block and district level to give place to the Anganwadi workers in nursery teacher recruitment. Apart from this, demonstrations will be held at Labor Office and Board Offices on October 12 against giving Rs 350 as wages to MGNREGA workers and stopping of aid material and assistance given by the State Government to MNREGA workers from the State Workers Welfare Board. It was discussed in the conference that the present BJP government is continuously taking decisions against MNREGA workers, whereas today Himachal Pradesh has the highest number of 27 lakh workers but they are not being given even minimum wage by the government. In concluding the conference, National Secretary KN Umesh and Dr. Kashmir Singh Thakur said that inflation, unemployment and hunger are increasing continuously during the tenure of this double engine government. On the other hand the demands of workers, farmers, employees, youth, students, women and dalits are being ignored and policies are being implemented to increase the income of only the big rich. Therefore, in the coming assembly elections, CITU workers will campaign to oust the BJP from power and will help the workers’ supporters to win. He said that whether the engine is single or double, but the guards are the red flags to stop the anti-people policies, which also stop the engine and will also stop the government from implementing anti-worker policies.

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