Major snowbound roads reopened for vehicular traffic in a record time

Un-precedent heavy snow fall occured on 3rd and 4th February, 2022 and the Public Works Department was prepared for timely clearance of snow with the machineries. On 4th February there was continuous heavy snowfall and movement of the traffic was disrupted, the departmental machineries worked even over night till the morning of 5th February and major stretch were cleared and spreading of sand was also done. On 4th and 5th February it was ensured that the tourist vehicles were evacuated safely from Shimla city with the help of Police department.

A spokesperson of Himachal Pradesh Public Works department disclosed here today that due to heavy snow fall on 3rd February, 326 roads were closed 37 roads were opened on 3rd February for which 237 machines including JCBs of department and private contractors were deployed for clearing the road from snow. Also due to anticipated snow fall on 04th February instructions were issued to the field officers for full preparedness and all officers/officials on leave were called back to duty. Due to unpresented heavy snow fall in hilly areas and heavy rainfall in plain areas of State on 4th February, 1051 roads were closed including 6 National Highway in the state. Approximately 5000 kms road length was affected. Early preparedness of Public Works Department made it possible for opening 289 of roads on same day even though it was snowing, for which 495 of machineries were deployed which included 63 JCBs of department and 336 JCBs of Private Contractors, 40 Dozers and 56 tippers /trucks of department. On 5th February, 393 roads were opened for vehicular traffic including 6 of National Highway.

He said that sincere efforts of the department officers and officials made it possible for opening such large number of roads in a record time and inconvenience to the large public of the state was avoided.

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