Maize-based industry and purchase centers should be set up in Hamirpur District: Kisan Sabha

A meeting of Himachal Kisan Sabha was organized in Hamirpur district in which aware progressive farmers of the district took part. State President of Himachal Kisan Sabha Dr. Kuldeep Singh Tanwar, and State Finance Secretary Satyawan Pundir also participated in the meeting. The farmers present in the meeting discussed in detail the problems being faced by the farmers in the Hamirpur district and also decided on the framework to struggle to solve these problems in the coming times. Farmers believe that till now there is no organization for the voice of the farmers in Hamirpur district, so the formation of Himachal Kisan Sabha will become the voice of the farmers of the district. He demanded that maize is produced on a large scale in the Hamirpur district, so centers should be opened for the purchase of maize in Hamirpur. Farmers should be given four times compensation in lieu of the land coming in the foreland and the government should also ensure land for rehabilitation. The schemes being run by the government to promote agriculture and horticulture in the district should be brought down to the village level. Feed and fodder should be given to the farmers who are cattle rearers on subsidy and should be provided by the government because without the cooperation of the government, farming, and animal husbandry is not possible. Efforts are being made for horticulture and gardens are being planted under District Hamirpur Shiva and Jaika Project, the farmers who are involved in this should be given facilities and the government should also make arrangements to sell the crops produced. In Hamirpur district, because maize is produced on a large scale and surplus maize is produced, then the maize-based industry should be set up inside Hamirpur district. Solar fencing should be ensured on subsidy so that agriculture and farmers can be saved. State President of Himachal Kisan Sabha, Dr. Kuldeep Singh Tanwar appealed to the farmers to unite and raise their voices and said that farmers are not only the reed of the country but also of civilizations, so along with encouraging the farmers, the people engaged in agriculture should also be saved. For this, the government has to come forward, otherwise, the farmer and the farmer will be ruined. He demanded that the minimum support price of maize be implemented and one and a half times the produce be given to the farmers. To raise the demands of the farmers, a district convention will be held in Hamirpur district on August 16, in which more than 200 farmers will participate. Dr. Kashmir Singh Thakur, Kamal, Pratap, Urmila, Santosh, Joginder, Suresh, etc participated in today’s meeting.

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