Kufri adjoining Shimla receives season’s first snowfall

On Tuesday, a sudden weather shift graced Kufri, a popular tourist spot in Shimla, with a delightful snowfall. The joy of the tourists knew no bounds as they witnessed the magical descent of snowflakes. Kufri, Chini Bungalow, Mahasu Peak, Amusement Park HipHip Hurray, and Chharabra were adorned with the glistening whiteness of the snow-covered hills.

The snowfall persisted for approximately 15 to 20 minutes before the weather cleared again, leaving tourists ecstatic. Amidst the enchanting snowfall, visitors were seen capturing the moment with selfies and photos using their mobile phones. Thankfully, the light snowfall didn’t pose any issues with traffic.

Both tourists and locals had eagerly awaited this snowfall, especially as Himachal Pradesh had not experienced any on Christmas and New Year. The anticipation had led many tourists, particularly from the state, to flock to Shimla in hopes of witnessing the winter wonderland. The unexpected joy of seeing snowfall today was immeasurable for the delighted tourists.

Despite the unforeseen happiness, the Meteorological Department had earlier predicted the possibility of adverse weather conditions. Meteorological Department confirmed light snowfall in the higher reaches of the state, including Kufri. However, starting Wednesday, the weather is expected to remain clear for a week with minimal chances of rain and thunderstorms. An alert has been issued for potential searches in low-lying areas of the state. In conclusion, the skies are forecasted to stay clear, providing a respite from precipitation for the next week.

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