Himachal to use AI for authentication before driving test

In a move to enhance the convenience and minimize footfall at the Regional Transport Offices (RTO) and in the offices of the Regional and Licensing Authorities (RLA’s), the State Government has launched a new initiative allowing citizens to obtain their learner’s licenses smoothly and hassle-free from their homes itself. Chief Minister, Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu, told that individuals can now acquire their learner’s license from any location through a completely online process, leveraging Aadhaar-based authentication. 

The Aadhaar-based learner’s license process eliminates the need for physical verification, scrutiny, and approval, streamlining the application procedure. Applicants can now submit their learner’s license applications, upload necessary documents and signatures, and make the required fee payment online. This will not only save time and resources but also reduce the un-necessarily burden on RLA and RTO offices, he said.

After a successful implementation at RLA Dharamshala on a pilot basis, the system is now functional in all the districts. “The main objective of this system is to provide ease of service delivery, in line with the vision of the State Government and to enhance efficiency in the system, reduce paperwork, and make the license acquisition procedure more streamlined for the people,” said Sh. Sukhu.  However, for the driving license test, individuals still need to schedule an appointment and physically visit the RLA as per their slot booking.

The online faceless service for learner’s licenses ensures 24×7 availability and offers many conveniences for the applicants. By eliminating the need for physical authentication, document verification, and conducting learner’s tests at the RLA offices, the system promotes efficiency in the license acquisition process.

The Chief Minister said that to ensure the authenticity of the test taker, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based face authentication process is initiated before the learner’s license test begins. The applicant’s face is compared with the image available in their application forms, based on Aadhaar records. 

The State Government has envisioned a hassle-free system to provide various government services for the convenience of the people of the State. To achieve this goal, the State Government is infusing modern technology in the functioning of the various Government departments, he said.

Principal Advisor (IT and Innovations) Gokul Butail emphasized the meticulous work done by the Department of Digital Technologies and Governance in implementing this initiative in line with the vision of the State Government under the leadership of Chief Minister Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu.

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