Himachal Chief Minister, Deputy CM, and media fraternity condoles demise DP Uniyal

 Veteran Journalist Dwarka Prasad Uniyal, popularly known as D.P. Uniyal, passed away yesterday at Vikasnagar near Dehradun yesterday, a family member confirmed.

Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu, Deputy Chief Minister Mukesh Agnihotri, and fraternity members of media including senior journalist P.C. Lohumi, K.S. Tomar, and former director of Public Relations Department Mr B. D  Sharma condoled the demise of Mr DP Uniyal.

Mr. D P Uniyal was the founder and Editor of a Weekly for the last five decades. Mr. P C Lohumi said that Dwarka Prasad Uniyal rendered service as the profession of small newspapers and was raising the vital issues of farmers. 

Mr. BD Sharma said that the passing away of DP took me also memory lane back to eighty when DP Uniyal, Ram Rattan Paul, Kameshwar Pandit, and Bishambhar Lal Sud were the Editors of the Weeklies published from Shimla and were highly respected by the journalistic fraternity, High ups in the Government, bureaucrats, and people at large and unfortunately none of them is in this world today.

 “The reasons why they command respect was that they were totally devoted to the profession, upright, outspoken and also  master to know the public nerve.’

 Mr Sharma who is seasonal PR and worked with five chief minister recalled that at the time the modes of communication in Himachal Pradesh was limited due to difficult hilly topography and the reach of the mainstream media was also very limited.

 It was small newspapers that used to reach far-flung areas; I have seen Dwarka Prasad Uniyal interact often with the then Directors in the Information and Public Relations Department, late Hari Krishan Mitto, Chhatar Singh Panwar, S.K. Bedi and H.L. Vaidya and when they tried to peep into the truth as I have newly joined the Department, I came to know that they used to discuss various matters which were of Government interest as well as public interest. 

Their information used to be a good source of feedback, one of the most important tasks of the Department. They were so trustworthy and a good link to the Department. He has a special affection for PR people. 

No doubt, the passing away of D.P. Uniyal is a  great loss for the Journalistic fraternity as well as to the PR fraternity. May God give peace to the departed soul and strength to Ajay and  Arun, sons who are also journalists and other family members. 

Mr. P C Lohumi also remembers DP Uniyalji stating that he has left for a heavenly abode is difficult to believe. It might be news or information for many but for me, it was desperately sad, shocking and shattering, and unexpected news. I had not met him for the past five years but I always inquired about his wellbeing from Arun and there was no indication that he would be leaving us so soon. 

Mr. PC Lohumi said that DP  was a hardworking, dedicated, and committed person who passionately pleaded for the cause of hills and had practical knowledge about the problems of hill people and how their troubles could be alleviated.

Himalaya Times, a weekly founded by him was dedicated to hill development, horticulture, and the potential of hills, and the weekly was published for the past nearly six decades with unfailing regularity. 

At one time he asked me to join him in establishing a modern printing press for his publication but I was not inclined to venture into any such enterprise.

He was also a progressive horticulturist and had apple orchards in Chopal was performing multiple tasks at one time and later turned into a social activist who guided hill people about modern farming techniques. Whenever any National leader came to Shimla, he always pleaded for higher financial assistance and projects to Himachal.

“Himachal and Uttarakhand have lost a protagonist, always keen to advocate their cause and stand for them. Alas, he will never come back but we will always remember him with gratitude. “

” I have a huge treasure of memories and time spent in his company, especially during tours, discussing politics and various other issues but I am not going into details as it would be too personal.”

Time would pass away but the memories you left behind would never fade till we meet again, Mr Lohumi said paying tributes to DP.

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