Himachal High Court & all districts courts are to remain closed on Monday

Himachal Pradesh High Court today decided to suspend all operations of the state judiciary due to Inceasent rainfall and unprecedented rainfall varies.

A notification was issued here by the Registrar General of Himachal Pradesh High Court today that authorities directed to inform him that due to incessant rains, and hardships to litigants, lawyers, staff, and Judicial officers today on July 10, 2023, should be a holiday for High Court and all Courts of District Judiciary in State of Himachal Pradesh.

In lieu of the holiday, any other nonworking day shall be declared in the future as a working day in the High Court of Himachal Pradesh.

He said that District & Sessions Judges bring the same to the notice of the General Public, litigants, and Advocates through Bar Associations in the State of Himachal Pradesh.

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