Himachal Drone Conclave to Explore Drone Technology Applications in Palampur

The Department of Digital Technologies and Governance (DT&G) is organizing the Himachal Drone Conclave, a two-day event scheduled to take place on 4th and 5th July, 2023 at the Chaudhary Sarwan Kumar Himachal Pradesh Krishi Vishwavidyalaya (CSKHPKV), Palampur.

The inaugural session of the conclave is to be presided over by Chief Minister, Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu.  This event aims to explore the diverse applications of drone technology in various sectors viz: governance, law enforcement, disaster management, agriculture and forest management, tourism, infrastructure development & management and exploring career opportunities in the emerging field, said an official spokesperson of the DT&G here today.

The conclave brings together industry leaders, experts, academia and stakeholders to foster knowledge exchange and collaboration in the rapidly evolving field of drones.

During the inaugural session topics such as the current scenario of drone technology in Himachal Pradesh, and the role of drone technology in governance will be highlighted.  The conclave will also be addressed by Prabodh Saxena, Chief Secretary, R.D. Nazeem, Principal Secretary (Industries), Dr. Abhishek Jain, Secretary (IT) and other distinguished guests.

The first panel discussion by experts will focus on the career opportunities for youth in drone technologies. It will delve into the increasing drone usage and manufacturing capabilities, highlighting the new avenues for employment in drone flying, data processing, and applications. The discussion will provide insights into the exciting career opportunities available in this field besides, the second will throw light and focus on the diverse applications of drone technology in law enforcement, disaster management, and forest conservation. Topics to be covered include surveillance in border areas and unrest-prone places, night surveillance, target identification, search and rescue operations during disasters, delivery of essential supplies and information to people in distress, as well as curbing wildlife poaching and theft of forest resources, said the spokesperson.

In the third panel discussion, the applications of drones in agriculture, horticulture, and forest management will be explored. It will highlight how drones enable farmers to adopt safe methods of pesticide spraying, facilitate precision farming, monitor crops, promote efficient use of farm inputs, assess crop damage, and monitor forest cover and afforestation efforts.

On the following day, July 5th, the session will be organised on the critical role of drones in delivering medical supplies and facilitating logistics and delve into the applications of drones in infrastructure management and developmental projects. It will showcase how drones enable in-time healthcare services in remote areas, provide a quick response during emergencies, ensure the easy transportation of time-sensitive goods and materials, serve as efficient carriers for logistics in hilly areas, and contribute to environmental sustainability. Use of drones across urban and rural developmental initiatives, efficient feasibility studies for construction work, enable monitoring of assets and infrastructure, live feeds to maintenance teams, transform project delivery through drone-based surveys, monitor water bodies, and inspect oil and gas pipelines and power lines in remote areas shall also be highlighted.

He said that the Himachal Drone Conclave presents a unique opportunity to explore the latest advancements, showcase success stories, and shape the future of drones in various sectors.

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