Hike in Industrial power tariff likely to make steel & Cement dearer: Jai Ram

The Leader of the Opposition and former Chief minister Jairam Thakur stated today that the decision of the Himachal Pradesh Government to hike the industrial tariff of power would increase the prices of steel and cement in the state. 

In a press statement issued here today Mr Thakur said that by increasing the electricity tariff by one and a half times, the state government would burden Operation of industrial units.

Under the new rates, the electricity duty for industries falling under HT (High Tension) has increased from 11 percent to 19 percent, while for EHT (Extreme High Tension) industries, it has increased from 13 percent to 19 percent.  Has been done.

  Electricity duty on small and medium industries has been increased from 11 percent to 17 percent.  

Electricity duty on cement plants has been increased from 17 percent to 25 percent.  Not only this, electricity duty at the rate of 45 paise per unit has also been imposed on electricity generation by DG (diesel generator) sets and the exemption given in electricity duty on captive generation and green energy has also been withdrawn.  

He said that to promote industries in the state, the previous government had made a policy of giving concessions in electricity for five years on the basis of various electricity usage.

 The Leader of the Opposition said that due to the increase in electricity duty, the prices of cement and iron will also become expensive in the state.  

The Leader of the Opposition said that before this, the Sukhu government had already put the burden of inflation on the people by increasing electricity, water, garbage collection, and property tax.  

As soon as it came to power, the government talked about changing the system and started putting the burden on people’s pockets.  

 Those who found electricity, water, diesel, and everything expensive in our government used to come out on the streets and make noise every day. 

 He said that it is not right in any way to increase the burden of direct or indirect inflation on the people of the state even during the time of disaster.

He said that the state also decided to do away with the concession given by the previous government to encourage setting up of new industries in the state. 

To help industrialists after the COVID pandemic the previous government had provided impetus and some concessions to the industries for a stipulated time. 

He warned that drastic measures by the Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu government would force the industry to make flight from the state.

” It was promises of the previous government to provide the cheapest power which have attracted a number of industries in the country to stay and set up new Investment but industrial units are getting the most expensive electricity in the state”

.. Thousands of people get direct employment in the state. Apart from this, many types of opportunities are available. “

 The development of the state cannot be imagined without industries but the government wants to destroy the industries in the state.  

 The work is being done in a planned manner to destroy the industries in the state and send them out of the state.  

He said that such decisions of the government are creating a feeling of economic insecurity in the industries, while on the other hand, the fearless mafia system is scaring the industrialists.

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