Governor Shukla stresses on benefits of adopting Yoga in habits

In commemoration of International Yoga Day, an inspiring event was held today at Raj Bhavan Shimla, jointly organized by the Department of AYUSH and the Yoga Department of Himachal Pradesh University. Governor, Shiv Pratap Shukla, presided over the program, emphasizing the profound benefits of yoga and its role in achieving overall well-being.

The Governor highlighted the transformative power of Yoga and Pranayama in our daily lives, promoting both physical health and mental tranquility. He acknowledged the relentless efforts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in showcasing India’s rich yogic heritage, which has garnered international appreciation and recognition.

“The practice of yoga and pranayama enables us to lead a stress-free life and attain a healthy body and a healthy mind,” said Sh. Shukla. He further emphasized the significance of incorporating these practices into our daily routines, as they provide the gateway to good health and inner peace.

Under the expert guidance of Dr. Arpita Negi, Assistant Professor, Department of Yoga, HPU, and Dr. Meena Gupta, AYUSH Department, the program witnessed the participation of the officers and officials of Raj Bhavan, along with enthusiastic yoga students.

 As International Yoga Day continues to inspire people across the globe, Raj Bhavan Shimla remains committed to promoting the transformative power of yoga, fostering health, happiness, and peace in the lives of individuals.

Secretary to Governor, Rajesh Sharma, and other officers and officials of Raj Bhavan joined enthusiastically in celebrating the occasion.

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