Government should arrange helicopter to help sheep herders: Trilok Kapoor

BJP State General Secretary Trilok Kapoor urged Chief Secretary Pramod Saxena, DC Lahul-Spiti Rahul Kumar that many sheep herders are stranded in the midst of heavy snowfall at a height of about 15 kilometers from Samudratapu near Batal of Lahul-Spiti in the district. , They have to struggle in life, but the things to eat and drink have also ended. This morning Bandla resident Dagu Ram informed us that 3 sheep herders Ishwar Das, Finna Ram, and Jagdish Chand are facing a huge problem. Kapoor has urged the Chief Secretary that the government should immediately arrange for a helicopter to go to the concerned area to provide necessary materials and get all the pastures reiki done, so that in real situations, how the nomadic sheep herders are living their lives. On this occasion, Chief Secretary Pramod Saxena and DC Lahaul assured that today itself we will try to help as much as possible by arranging helicopters and will also reiki such pastures so that the families of sheepherders who are worried are given correct information. 

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