Fruit Commission agents force Himachal government to accept their demands

Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu government in Himachal Pradesh accepted the demands of Fruit Commission agents to sell apples in the market on the lot without weight as the latter withdrew their two days long Protest.

According to a state government spokesperson, all commission agents were returned to Apple markets after consultation with chief minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu on the issue of selling Apple in the market on the basis of weight.

The government stated that it successfully ended the deadlock after the chief minister assured that they could sell apples on the basis of lots without weight provided farmers agreed.

However, the government maintained that if apple growers would want to sell their crops on the basis of weight the Commission agents should sell it accordingly.

The Government earlier made it mandatory to selling of apple crops on the basis of weight but Commission agents are protesting against it.

It seems that government would issue fresh notification on the basis of consultation with Commission agents to allow the selling of apples on the basis of weight as well as lot.

For the past two days in the Paprala apple market Commission agents are not been selling the apple and other fruits in support of the demand that it shouldn’t be sold on the basis of weight.

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