Former Dy Mayor following Sonam Wangchuk to save Shimla

Former Deputy Mayor of Shimla Tekinder Singh Panwar followed Sonam Wangchuk of Ladkakh by giving a climate fast call to protect Shimla, Raj Day Capital town of India from the unsustainable model of Development being pursued by successive city and state governments.

MR Panwar who had been elected as Deputy Mayor in direct election for Shimla MC from CPI(M) sat on the 24 hrs climate fast on the historic Redige from 1430 hrs at Shimla on Sunday. Mr. Panwar has given a new slogan ‘ Himachal mein Vikas Model ka Atamnarikshan Karne “Do self-introspection of Development Model of Himachal “

Mr. Pawar said that he was disturbed by the way he found ravaged hills, landslides, the killing of people, uprooting of trees, and blocking of roads in the state capital which was inevitable the way Shimla town and state was handed over to construction companies for converting it into ruins for lieu of crores of public money. Mr Panwar said that given climatic change and natural disasters the heritage town Shimla was fueled to this devastation by the model of development being followed and making it vulnerable for such disaster.

Mr. Panwar has registered an FIR against NHAI and a private company for the destruction of the Parwanoo to Solan four lanes by indulging in the unscientific violation of environmental norms. He has given the call to hold the 24 hrs climate fast to draw the support from the people of town and state to strengthen the cause for nature and fight against the prevailing construction practices. He said that cases should be registered against four-lane companies and NHAI holding them guilty for devastation.

He also seeks to declare the ongoing natural disaster as a National calamity. He also sought mapping of government failure and water resource management in Shimla  

He demanded to constitute a probe panel headed by the retired Judge of the Supreme Court which should evaluate the damage and planning policy for the town. A task force should be constituted to work on the construction of hill topography.    

The fast would continue for the next 24 hrs on the Ridge ground near Rainshelter, Mr Tekinder said.

In the month of February this year, a similar climate fast was held by Sonam Wangchuk at the Himalayan Institute Ladakh to save Khardungla Pass.

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