FIR against BJP MLA Vinod Kumar is condemnable: Randhir Sharma

BJP MLA Randhir Sharma has alleged that the present Congress government is working with a sense of revenge. He said that the Congress government has done a condemnable act by registering an FIR against BJP MLA from Nachan, Vinod Kumar. He said that it is the duty of every MLA to raise the problems of the people of his constituency, meet the officers on those subjects and discuss them. He said that if those problems are not resolved then one may have to speak loudly. But doing this discriminatory work on him does not suit the government.

BJP strongly condemns this act of the government.

Sharma said that this subject is not just about dancing, some people getting relief and some not getting relief is an act of discrimination. Not listening to the MLA by the administration shows the dictatorial nature of the government. The Legislature Party strongly condemns this and demands immediate withdrawal of this FIR.

He said that on September 18, the BJP will raise this issue loudly in the Vidhansabha session. Sharma warned the government that if the discrimination and monkey distribution of the Congress government is not stopped, then the BJP will raise this issue in the house as well as outside the house and make it a mass movement. So that the deaf government can hear or see the problems of the people and people can get justice

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