Himachal Kisan Sabha discussed issues related to farming, land acquisition, animal feed etc. with Hamirpur farmers

 The Himachal Kisan Sabha session was held in Hamirpur. In which the State President of Kisan Sabha Dr. Kuldeep Singh Tanwar, and State General Secretary Hotam Sankhla discussed in detail the history and battles fought in the history of Kisan Sabha. At present, he talked in detail about the relevance of the farmer’s movement and the problems faced by the farmers and their solutions. He said that Kisan Sabha is the largest organization of farmers in the whole country and in Himachal Pradesh also plays a leading role in raising the demands of farmers and gardeners. There has not been any organization in Hamirpur to raise the voice of the farmers and whatever farmers’ organizations have been, their purpose is limited to elections only. Large scale people are still associated with farming in the Hamirpur district in which maize production is highest but there is no sales center here. Due to a lack of arrangements to sell the maize crop that is produced, the rest has to be sold to people coming from outside states or to other vichlis at quarter to one price. Along with this, the land that is being acquired due to the setting up of a four-lane national highway and the Dhaulasidh project in district Hamirpur is also being used to usurp the land of farmers by paying a very low price. Within the Hamirpur district, people are largely associated with agriculture, including animal rearers, but the government is not helping them to buy animal feed, etc. on subsidy. They leave the bar and go out of the state to earn while taking care of their land, they can also produce crops on the means of income in their home village. Because 67% of land in Himachal Pradesh is forest jurisdiction forest land which is under the central government and Himachal Pradesh has very little land. Even in that, there are many families who have only one or two marlas of land and there is no space to build a house. And if the central government amends the Right to Mind Act, then this land can be provided to the farmers. Participating in the discussion in today’s session, the farmers kept their point on different problems and reiterated their resolve to raise their voice unitedly and unitedly on the demands of the farmers in the coming days and appealed that on 20th September, whatever crops and homes The loss has happened in the rains, the voice will be raised at the district headquarters in protest against the government not providing any kind of help. In today’s session, Ranjan Sharma was elected as the coordinator of the Kisan Sabha, while Kuldeep Singh and Urmila were elected as co-coordinators, along with this a 21-member committee was also elected, which will take up the problems of the farmers in Hamirpur district and organize the farmers in the coming times. Will take responsibility.

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