Emerging artists of Sirmour, Monika & Shubham narrated this painful story of the Himachal disaster in their melodious voice

Emerging artists of Sirmour, Monika, and Shubham have narrated this painful story of a disaster in their melodious voices. This song is composed by the famous writer Dilip Basistha. While young artist and music producer Kirnesh Pundir has beautified it by giving music. Vishal Sharma has taken charge of the video, while Shubham Sharma has played an important role in the production and editing of the video. The name of the album of this song is Pahadon ki Pukar which you can enjoy on YouTube’s Hill Melodies channel. This album has created a buzz in the entire Sirmaur area and people are listening very attentively.
It is well known that the fearless scene of natural calamity in the state, where the precious lives of many people have been made their own, on the other hand, it has given deep wounds to innumerable families by rendering them homeless. In this tragedy of nature, some lost their son, some lost their parents, some brothers, and sisters, and some lost their entire family. Some kept watching their vehicles flowing while saving their lives, while some kept watching the dream house crumbling with their moist eyes watering their blood and sweat. Monika and Shubham have tried to express this pain through the song.
All the artists of this song say that the purpose of this song is to convey the message to all the people and the coming generation that how costly it can be for all of us to play with this nature. He has also urged people through songs to join this campaign of nature conservation and contribute.

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