Election Commission to conduct special summary Revision of photo electoral rolls in Himachal

A spokesperson of the Himachal Pradesh Election Department today here said that as per the instructions of the Election Commission of India, the commission has decided to conduct the revision activity for Special Summary Revision of photo electoral rolls in all the 68 Assembly Constituencies of the State from 1st April, 2023.

He said that the publication of integrated draft electoral roll would be done on 5th April, 2023 and the period for filing claims and objections would be from 5th April and will continue till 20th April, 2023. He said that the Special Campaign dates would be two Saturdays or Sundays within claims and objections period to be decided by the CEO.

The Spokesperson informed that the date for disposal of claims and objections will be 28th April, 2023 (Friday) and the checking of health parameters and obtaining the Commission’s permission for final publication of updating database and printing of supplements would be 4th May, 2023 and the final publication of electoral roll will be 10th May, 2023.

He further said that after the publication of the draft voter lists with photographs, these draft voter lists will be available for free inspection in these offices from 5th to 20th April, 2023. He said that the eligible people can file and submit their various claims/objections in form 6, 6A, 7 and 8.

He said that to get information regarding enrollment in voter list any eligible citizen can contact on the toll free number-1950 of Election Department from 10 AM to 5 PM. Apart from this, any eligible citizen, who is or above 18 years by July 1, 2023 and October 1, 2023, can get his name registered in the electoral roll from 5th to 20th April, 2023. The application can also be submitted in advance also.

He informed any citizen can also confirm his/her name being registered in the voter lists on the internet website . Apart from this, the facility of e-registration is also available through the National Voter Service Portal (NCSP/VHA), in which online forms (related to enrollment, deletion and amendment) can be filled.

He called upon all the citizens, local political parties, non-governmental voluntary organizations, women and youth mandals of the State to register the names of eligible citizens and also to remove the ineligible citizens after inspecting the published voter lists in the format from 5th to 20th April, 2023.

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