Devastation all around in Paonta Sahib: Bindal

In the Paonta Sahib area of ​​district Sirmaur, water rained in the form of a storm (cloud burst), 100-100 feet tall sal trees were uprooted and reached 1-1 kilometer away in Sirmauri Tal village. Rocks bigger than the houses were swept away by the water and carried away the pucca houses along with them.

Where there used to be luxurious houses, they turned into marshes, where there used to be flourishing crops, they turned into piles of stones.

Perhaps after 4 centuries such a horrifying scene would have been born in Sirmauri Tal. Sirmauri Tal was the capital of Sirmaur state 402 years ago and that capital was turned into ruins due to some natural calamity where the Maharaja moved to Nahan and Nahan became the capital of Sirmaur state.

Today again after 4 centuries this calamity has come. 5 members of the same family became landlords, Mr. Kuldeep, Mrs. Jeeto Devi, Mrs. Rajni and two innocent children – Nitesh 12 years old and Deepika 10 years old, only Rajni’s husband Vinod remained alive. Means Vinod saw his parents, wife and both children being buried in the flood before his eyes.

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