Mukesh Agnihotri directs Jal Shakti Department to restore all damaged water supply schemes

Deputy Chief Minister Mukesh Agnihotri here today directed the  Jal Shakti Department to restore all the damaged water supply schemes immediately. He said that information regarding restoration of schemes should be sent to Head Quarter regularly twice a day at 10 AM & 4 PM. He also directed to ensure timely uploading of information on the site of the State Disaster Management Authority.

 He directed for extensive water testing at source level as well as tail end points covering all water supply schemes to be ensured for maintaining potability of water.

Deputy Chief Minister also directed for ensuring chlorination of all water supply schemes. Minimum prescribed residual chlorine must be ensured at the tail-end points as well.  He directed the department that all Junior Engineers must maintain a record of residual chlorine checked by them at various tanks and delivery points.

He also instructed to maintain adequate stock of bleaching powder, alum and other chemicals at Divisional and Sub-Divisional level for chlorination of water sources and consumables for testing water samples to avoid outbreak of waterborne diseases. He has also directed to ensure immediate response on all negative social reporting in social media platforms to avoid panic in the public.

In view of the continuous heavy rainfall in the State, the Jal Shakti Department has also issued an advisory so that potable Water Supply is ensured to the beneficiaries.

All kinds of leave to the field officers and staff has been cancelled. Orders have been issued that no leave of any kind is to be sanctioned to any field officer and staff except in case, it is absolutely essential, by making alternative arrangements. Officers have been directed to ensure the presence of all field officers and officials in their concerned headquarter and field area.

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