Congress government’s budget in Himachal is directionless: Anurag Thakur

Reacting to the budget presented by the Himachal Pradesh government, the Union Minister for Information and Broadcasting and Youth and Sports Affairs, Mr. Anurag Singh Thakur called it a budget to mislead the public. He said that there is neither vision nor direction in this budget.

Thakur, MP from Hamirpur, said, “Ever since the Congress government came to power in Himachal, all the development works have come to a standstill. This budget of the Congress government in Himachal is completely directionless. This budget of the Congress is devoid of intention and policy. The BJP government’s schemes have only been renamed in 2016. The silence on many important schemes of Himachal such as Grihini Suvidha Yojana, Shagun Yojana, Sahara Yojana, Him Care Yojana and Mukhyamantri Swavalamban Yojana means that these schemes have not been included in this budget. No amplification done for

Accusing the Congress of misleading the women, Mr. Thakur said, “In today’s budget announcement, they have talked about giving ₹ 1500 per month to only 2 lakh 31 thousand women in Himachal Pradesh. There is no provision in the budget for this too.” When this government was formed, 32 lakh women of Himachal were being talked about. This shows that this government is only misleading the people.”

Further accusing the Himachal government of copying the budget of the central government in the budget, the Union minister said, “In the Union budget, it has been announced to build 197 medical colleges across India. The Congress government of the state wants to take credit for this. Green Green”. The central government has also made special provisions in the budget on energy and climate change. The Chief Minister wants to take credit for this by announcing green energy.”

Accusing Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu of lying in the budget, Mr. Thakur said, “There is no mention of buying cow dung, buying milk or 300 units of free electricity anywhere in the budget of the state government.”

Anurag Thakur said that Himachal Pradesh is poised to take a loan of 11840 crores in 2023-24, out of this loan money, Himachal Pradesh will spend 11068 crores on repaying the old loan and interest and if the pace of the loan remains the same, So by next year Himachal Pradesh will have a debt of more than 84000 crores.

Himachal Pradesh government is going to spend Rs 5562 crore on interest and Rs 5506 crore on paying the loan installment, the total amount of which is Rs 1168 crore.

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