Congress asks all officials to provide all information related to the elections on time

 Himachal Pradesh Congress today held a virtual meeting with the party spokespersons, social media, and bar room officials of all the district and block media departments for the Lok Sabha and Assembly by-elections of the state at the state headquarters Rajiv Bhawan. They have been asked to gather and provide all the information related to the elections on time. He said that in the present time, the reach of social media is now reaching the common people, hence more and more publicity and promotion of the party should be done through YouTube, Tutor, and Facebook pages.

State Congress General Secretary, Horticulture and Revenue Minister Jagat Singh Negi, who was specially present in the meeting, took feedback from all the officials. While presiding over the meeting, State Congress Vice President Naresh Chauhan asked all the officials to provide all the information related to the elections on time in the war room set up for the elections. He said that whatever guidelines go to the field from the war room, they should be followed in letter and spirit. He said that the election war room will work 24 hours. He said that whoever has been given the responsibility will have to fulfill it with full devotion and honesty.

In the meeting, War Room co-chairman Maheshwar Chauhan, Vice President Harikrishna Himral, coordinator Captain SK Sehgal, Amit Saini, Monita Chauhan, Satyajit Negi, Vidya Negi, Sanjeev Gandhi, GS Tomar, Sandeep Sankhyan, Punit Malahi, Alaknanda Handa, Jai Kumar Azad, Chandan Rana, Sanjeev Guleria, Rajeev Jaspa, Chandra Mohan, Rajeev Kimta, Vijay Dogra, Pradeep Verma, Naresh Kumar Thakur, Akash Sharma, Dr. Surya Bora, Nitin Rana, Shagum Dutt Sharma, Akshay Nennata, Girish Thakur participated. took.

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