Congress 24  BJP 9 & CPM 1 in Shimla Municipal Elections

 Congress won 24 seats and BJP nine and CPI(M) one seat in the 3rd round of the Shimla MC Election as counting began here this morning for 34 wards.

The Congress has won Ward no 7- Majyath seat, Ward no 6- Totu, and Ward no- 3- Kaithu. Congress Kanta Siyal, a Congress candidate from Ward no 3 Kaithu has won.  Annadale Ward no 4 Cong won.

However, its heavyweight, Jitender Choudhary from ward no 1(Bharadi) has lost to Meena Chauhan of BJP.In Ward, no 2 Ruldubhatta, BJP has won the seat. 

Att Summerhill ward no 5 Virender Thakur CPI(M) is being reported to have won. All results are likely to be declared within one hour.

In 2nd round, the result was announced Congress candidate Uma Kashul of the Cong won by 521 votes from Tutikandi, Kiran Sharma of the Cong won by 72 votes from BJP in Khachighati ward, and Nabha ward Simi Nada of the Cong won 147 votes from BJP and Shushma Kuthaila of Congress from Ram Bazar won from 34 votes from BJP 

BJP candidate Bitu Pana won by a margin of 23 votes from Congress in Krishnanagar ward and Kalyan Singh Dhiman of BJP won 113 votes from Phagli wards against Cong.

In 3td Round, the counting of Kamlesh Mehta of BJP declared the winner from the Upper Dhali ward defeating Congress by a margin of 70 votes.

Former BJP mayor Satya Kandol lost Election from Sanjouli Chowk ward from Congress candidates Mamta Chandel by a margin of 196.

Sheenam Katari of Congress won from Benmore ward won by a margin of 117 votes defeating BJP candidate Anup Vaid.

Ankush Verma of Congress of Engineghar ward won by a margin of 306 votes defeating BJP candidate Vishal Thapta.

From the Jakhu ward Congress candidate Atul Gautam won by 313 votes from BJP candidate A

Umang Banga of Congress defeated Bharti Sood of BJP by 362 votes from the Lower Bazar ward.

Vishakha Modi won the Lower Dhali ward for Congress defeating Sangeeta of  BJP by 379 votes. 

In round number 4  in Ward, no 20 Upper Dhalli Kamlesh of BJP wins getting 724 votes.  Narender Chauhan of Cong secured 654 votes here. The margin of 70 votes.

Ward no 22 Shanti Vihar INC Vineet Verma winning, beating Devinder Sharma of BJP. INC got 1118 votes, and BJP Devender Sharma secured 413 votes.

Ward no 23 Bhatagufar INC Narinder Thakur beating Sushant Chauhan of BJP in a direct contest. INC got 700 votes, and BJP secured 358 votes. 

Ward no 24 Sangti INC Kuldeep Thakur wins in a four-cornered contest.  INC gets 983 votes, CPI(M) Kapil Shar6 got 684 votes and BJP Kamal Kishore got 520 votes here. 

Ward no 25 Malyana Shanta Verma INC won in a triangular contest. INC got 407 votes and BJP Ambika Thakur got 368.

Ward no 26 Panthaghatti BJP Kusum Thakur won 371 votes against  Kusum Chauhan of INC.

Ward No 27 Kasumpti Rachana Sharma of BJP won by 279 votes defeating Laxmi Chauhan of Cong

Ward no 28 Chotta Shimla Surinder Chauhan INC won by  votes against Sanjeev Chauhan of BJP 

Round 5 in Ward no 29 Vikasnagar Rachna Bhardwaj INC won 773 against Rama Kumari of BJP.

Ward no 30 Kangnadhar Ram Rattan Verma INC won by 98 beating Renu Chauhan of BJP. 

Ward no 31 Patyog Asha Sharma BJP won 63 votes defeating Deepak Rohal of INC. 

Ward no 32 New Shimla  Nisha Thakur of BJP declared the winner by a margin of 50 votes defeating Congress candidate Kusam Lata.

In ward, no 33 Khalini ward Congress candidate Chaman Prakash won by 8 votes against Puran Mal of the BJP .

Ward no 34 Kalnog Arati Sharma of INC eon by 434 votes against Brij Sood of BJP

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