Cleanliness oath administered to students in Chail Koti College

Volunteers of the NSS unit were administered the oath of cleanliness and a one-day cleanliness program was organized at Government College, Chail Koti. On this occasion, the volunteers of the NSS unit cleaned the college premises and the market and gave the message of cleanliness to the people. It should be noted that Swachhta Mission Fortnight sponsored by the Government of India is being organized across the country on 16th September. Under which cleanliness oath is being administered in all educational institutions, government, and private offices.
College Principal Dr. Manisha Kohli, while addressing the volunteers, said that in the present context, cleanliness is the ultimate service. Environmental protection has become a major challenge in the world. Told that awareness of youth brings a change in society for which all the youth should make cleanliness in society a mass movement in which all the people should be included. Program Officer Dr. Sushil Mehta appreciated the contribution of the unit members and teachers to the success of the program.

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