Rajgarh City’s 8-year pending lift drinking water scheme gets FCA approval

Parvi Khad, the lift drinking water scheme of Rajgarh city, which was hanging in the balance for almost eight years, has got approval from the Forest Ministry. This will provide a permanent solution to the drinking water problem of Rajgarh city. Which has been confirmed by Assistant Engineer JSV Rajgarh BK Kaundal.
Let us tell you that to deal with the drinking water problem of Rajgarh city, in the year 2015, a lift drinking water scheme worth Rs 6.19 crore, Paravi Khad was approved. The foundation stone of which was laid by former Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh in the year 2015. Even after eight years, the construction work of this scheme was stuck in limbo due to a lack of approval from FCA. This plan was in trouble when the BJP government was formed in the year 2017. According to departmental sources, the place where the storage tank is proposed to be constructed comes under forest reserve land. The FCA case was prepared by the department about six years ago and sent to the government, but to date, the FCA approval has not been received.
It should be noted that the problem of drinking water persists throughout the year in Rajgarh city and this problem becomes even more severe during the summer season. Jal Shakti Department currently has only one Kanda Nala drinking water scheme to supply water to the city. Let us tell you that in the year 2005, the Kandanala Beverage Scheme was implemented considering the population of about two and a half thousand in Rajgarh city. Which was sufficient according to that population. At present the population of Rajgarh city has increased to more than seven thousand. The situation is such that in the rural areas of wards number six and seven, water is available only once or twice a week. The water supply is so low that the farmers of these wards do not have water available for their cattle.
Assistant Engineer JSV Rajgarh BK Kaundal said that the FCA case of Lift Drinking Water Scheme Parvi Khad got approval from the Forest Ministry. Under the Amrut Yojana, the Giri Lift Drinking Water Scheme worth Rs. 6 crores was approved for Rajgarh City, which has been included in the Parvi Khad Drinking Water Scheme.

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