Center should declare the loss in Himachal as a national calamity: Dr. Tanwar

 Expressing its deep concern over the loss of life and property due to heavy rains and floods in the state, the Himachal Kisan Sabha expressed condolences to the people who lost their lives in the calamity and expressed its condolences to their families.

 Himachal Kisan Sabha has demanded from the government that it should be declared a national calamity in view of the huge loss and devastation caused in the state. 

 State President of Kisan Sabha Dr. Kuldeep Singh Tanwar said that the central government should immediately issue an economic package to deal with the disaster.

 He said that farmers in the state have suffered huge losses in this calamity.  Along with the failure of crops, their fields have also suffered heavy losses.  Dr. Tanwar also demanded the Agriculture and Horticulture Department make a proper assessment of the loss.

 Kisan Sabha has demanded the state government take immediate action and restore public services, especially roads, electricity and water supply, etc. at the earliest.  

Due to the blockade of roads, the fruits, flowers, and vegetables are getting wasted in the fields due to the difficulties being faced by the farmers in taking their finished crops to the market.  

The Kisan Sabha has also demanded the government to provide relief packages to the farmers through the agriculture and horticulture departments.

 The Kisan Sabha President has also demanded to impose fines and punish those companies who illegally throw debris into rivers and forests during the construction of projects and other roads including Forelane.

  Dr. Tanwar said that accountability should also be fixed on those government agencies or institutions that had the responsibility of protecting the environment and controlling and monitoring these companies.

 Dr. Tanwar said that Himachal Kisan Sabha is always ready to help the affected.

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