2000 Tourists stranded at Kasol in Kullu district evacuated

Himachal Pradesh witnessed the worst-ever monsoon fury on July 9 and 10 couldn’t augur from the natural calamities as thousands of people required rehabilitation and rescue in the state.

Official ground zero report said that after four days of natural calamities, authorities could evacuate around 2,000 tourists who are stranded in the Kasol area of ​​Kullu district. Bilaspur-Manali road was opened partly allowing tourists to come out from Kasol in one-way traffic this morning.

At most places, people are being ferried on transshipment bases as a major landslide has occurred at a point named Dunkhara, impacting the Kasol Bhuntar road. 

Round-the-clock efforts are underway, with the deployment of heavy machinery, including porcelain and two machines, to clear the blocked road.  

The district administration spokesperson confirmed the arrival of a team to oversee the evacuation process in Kasol.  

According to the Disaster Management Authority’s last report on Tuesday evening, 23 persons are dead, with 314 persons stranded, and four are reported missing in areas such as Mandi, Kangra, and L&S. 

 The calamitous weather conditions have led to the damage of 12 houses, while 20 have suffered partial damage.  Moreover, 21 roads and 4 bridges have been damaged across various locations, including Kinnaur, Brua Khad, Tehsil Sangla, Kullu, Akhara, Patli Kul Nagar, Solan, and Tikkari.  

Three vehicles and one hotel building have also incurred damages, and the loss of approximately 100-120 cattle has been reported.  The region has experienced heavy rainfall, resulting in 7 instances of flash floods, 30 landslides, 2 fire incidents, and 15-20 cases of waterlogging.  

The adverse weather conditions have caused significant disruptions, with NH-21 from Mandi to Kullu blocked, NH-505 from Gramphu to Losar impassable, and the SKTT road closed from Tandi to Kadhu Nalluh in Kullu.  NH-03 from Kullu to Manali is also closed due to heavy rainfall and landslides, while NH-305 from Aut to Jalori Road in Kullu remains blocked due to a landslide.  In Sirmaur, NH-707 near Shillai has been affected by a roadblock.  

Chief Minister Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu is personally monitoring the situation closely, ensuring necessary measures are taken to mitigate the impact of the adverse weather conditions and expedite rescue and relief operations. Meanwhile, authorities have successfully evacuated over 2,000 people stranded in the Kasol area of ​​Kullu district.

He said that Chandertal is one of the toughest rescues and two government ministers were going to supervise the rescue operation. Revenue Minister Jagat Singh Negi and Chief Paralimentary Secretary Sanjay Awasthi are looking into the supervision.

He said that Kasol tourists who are with family members including children to be evaluated on a priority basis.

He said tha number of stranded persons in the flood that hit the Beas and Satluj rivers has increased to 28 and All of them have been rescued safely. 

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