By increasing the rates of pulses, the government is doing a double whammy on the poor in disaster: Dharmani

Attacking the Congress, BJP’s state spokesperson Mahendra Dharmani said that ever since the government of Himachal Pradesh came to power, the burden of inflation on the people of Himachal Pradesh is continuously increasing. He said that at the time of disaster in Himachal, instead of giving benefits to the people, the government is engaged in breaking the back of the poor people. It is worth noting that BPL and APL people take ration from the fair price shop (depot), whose condition has already worsened due to this disaster, in such a way how justified is it to increase the prices of ration.

He said that pulses have become costlier in cheap ration depots. There has been a difference in the prices of pulses reaching the depots after two months. NFS Means B.P.L. and A.P.L. There has been a direct increase of Rs 5 in pulses for the month for the consumer, while there has been a difference of one rupee in Malka’s pulses. In the month of September B.P.L. and NFS Consumers will get pulses for a month for Rs 63, while A. P.L. 73 to the consumers and A. P.L. T. Consumers will get Rs.98. Similarly B.P.L. and NFS Consumers will get Malka Dal for Rs.54. A.P.L. 64 to the consumers and A.P.L.T. Consumers will get it for Rs.89. Earlier in the month of August, pulses could not reach most of the depots in the state. This time dal chana will be costlier by Rs 16 in the depots.

The increase in the prices of pulses at the time of disaster is cheating with the people of Himachal. This increase should also be withdrawn by the government with immediate effect.

Before coming to power, the Congress party repeatedly promised and guaranteed to remove inflation to the innocent people of Himachal, but diesel prices were increased twice as soon as they came to power. Due to which the price of diesel increased by Rs 6.50 per litre, due to this increase, there was an increase in the fare, freight, traffic and the farmers and gardeners of Himachal had to face direct losses.

He said that while the BJP government at the Center reduced the prices of domestic gas cylinders by Rs 200, similarly the prices for the beneficiaries of the Ujjwala scheme were reduced by Rs 400. While the previous BJP government in the state reduced the prices of diesel by reducing VAT, this government increased the prices of VAT as soon as it came to power.

The people of Himachal Pradesh expect the state government to immediately withdraw the increase of Rs 6.50 on diesel in order to control the rising inflation, which will bring great relief to the people of Himachal Pradesh.

Modi ji’s birthday will be celebrated with service works: Rashmi

On the other hand, BJP State Vice President Rashmidhar Sood gave detailed information about the various programs to be held from September 17 to October 2 on the birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he said that BJP is known for public service and we will serve the Prime Minister through many service programs. Sevaks will celebrate PM Modi’s birthday.

BJP will celebrate Prime Minister Modi’s birthday from state to booth level.

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