BJP MLA praise Sukhu for surviving during his struggling days

Former BJP president and MLA from Una Satpal Satti today showered praise on the political invincibility of Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu, he stated that Mr Sukhu emerged victorious , despite being sidelined by former Chief Minsiter Virbhadra Singh, Mr Satti was participating in the Budget discussion of Himachal Pradesh Assembly on Wednesday.

Taking dig at the internal feud within the Congress party for the post of Chief Minister after its victory in assembly election Mr Sati said that Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu studied in Himachal Pradesh University with him and he was always succeeded to become president of NSUI and Youth Congress despite being all the time opposed by former Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh. He said that Deputy Chief Minister Mukesh Agnihotri was virtually declared CM face before election and also misguide the people of Una district as they are seeing him as next CM. 

Comparing Mr Sukhu with Deputy Chief Minister during the discussion on the budget Mr Sati said that Mukesh Agnihotri befooled voters of Una district, therefore today in the BJP he (Sati) is the lone survivor as all party candidates lost by more than ten thousands votes. 

BJP leader said that when Mr Sukhu had survived in the public life despite being political adversaries of Virbhadra Singh Mr Mukesh Agnihotri could not realize his dream to become Chief Minister.  When Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu did not lose to former Chief Minister Late Virbhadra Singh, how could he have lost to Mukesh.  

Mr Sati added that Congress leaders before the elections, went door-to-door and told women that they would transfer Rs 1500 per month in their bank account, but today even after three month, not a single woman got Rs 1500 in her account.  Reading from the Congress manifesto he said that Congress was lying and now the people were feeling deceived. 

The  Government cannot blame former BJP rule for closing down the OPS as it was closed by former Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh in 2003. He blamed the Congress for besieging the ruling party and also having cheated people of Biggest Kangra district of the state. He said that four ministers of Jai Ram Thakur lost from Kangra district and Congress won ten seats from the district . 

Terming unemployment a long standing problem he said that Congress government could not blame former BJP government for increasing unemployment number upto ten lakh, as number of unemployed did not increase in the Jai Ram rule.  He said that the government is crying for money and blaming former BJP rule for leaving Rs 75,000 Crore burden of whooping debt, but now present government is not serious on the issue of increasing debt burden as Rs 11500 Crore loan is proposed by the Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu in the new budget and it has already taken loan  tune to Rs 4500 Crore. ” The government coffers are empty and the state government is always crying for money, however by appointing CPS they do not see the wastage of money,” he said.

He said that an army of OSD and advisors are being appointed daily and on the other hand the Chief Minister is blaming the former BJP for burdening the state coffer.  Responding to the allegations of the ruling party that the Jai Ram government did not have a grip on the bureaucracy, Sati said that if there was no grip on the bureaucracy then how would the development of the state have happened. 

It is said that in the Sukhu government, the Principal Private Secretary of the minister Bhatia has written a letter to the district officers to work on the priorities of elected MLAs who are in resentment . 

If there is an effective government having control on the bureaucracy why letters are being written, he sought to know. 

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