CPI(M) submits a memorandum on all-party meeting to Sukhu

CPI-M State Committee Members meeting with Chief Minister and submission of Memorandum which includes, how to rehabilitate, re-settle, and re-construct the affected people and their property, loss of life, cattle loss, land & their houses, etc. To convenene All Party Meetings to collectively submit the resolution of the people of Himachal to the Central Govt. to give a special package of at least 10, 000 Crores. Need for amendment in Forest Policy & FCA-1980.

The State unit of the Communist Party of India Marxist demanded that convene all-party meetings in natural calamities to discuss the relief and rescue operations and maintenance of roads and infrastructure.

A delegation of CPM met with Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu on Monday and handed over a memorandum to him. Party praised CM for the efforts taken him to provide relief to those who had become a victim of the natural calamities which have continued to hit different parts of the state since the first week of July 2023. 

The Party said that such devastation never happened before in the history of the state, in recent times, such a big disaster struck the state causing colossal damage to public and private property.

 It is a gigantic task to restore normalcy as the damage done to Himachal Pradesh would easily cross more than Rupees thirty thousand crores if all the losses public and private are compounded together.

 Thousands of hectares of valuable agricultural and horticultural land have been washed away or destroyed beyond the possibility of it being reclaimed. 

Standing vegetables, agriculture, and horticulture crops value going into thousands of crores of rupees have been completely destroyed, party said in the Memorandum.

Under such grave circumstances, the whole of Himachal Pradesh should with a united voice demand from the Union government to declare the natural calamity as a National Disaster.

The Party said that the all-party meeting be convened to prepare a blueprint to be submitted to the Union government so that the natural calamity be declared a National Disaster. The yardstick or rules to provide funds under the NDRF be relaxed so that the actual loss is compensated, and the relief measures under the SDRF are enhanced so that the burden of reconstructing the damage is reduced on the victims of the calamity. 

Failing this another alternative of providing a special package of rupees ten thousand crores be demanded from the Union government.

That resolution of all party meetings and of the Himachal Vidhan Sabha be adapted to amend the Forest Conservation Act 1980 for the Rehabilitation and Resettlement of those who have lost both agricultural and horticultural land and their house in the Natural calamity.

 A “Special Relief Package” to provide special norms for relief and rehabilitation from rain, flood, cloudburst, landslide, or any other similar form of damage be extended to the whole of Himachal Pradesh.

A time frame be notified from 1st July to 31st August and the damage done beyond this period may also be considered if the process of damage is of continuous nature.

 The crop damage relief be revised to rupees ten thousand per bigha from the present rupees two thousand, the memorandum identified.

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