Apple Growers  accuse APMC Shimla & Kinnuar of unlawful collections  

A day after slashing custom duty on Washington Apple by 20 percent by the Modi government, Apple growers on Wednesday accused the Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu government of unlawful collection by APMC Shimla and Kinnaur from the Growers.

A complaint sent to the Managing Director of Himachal Pradesh State Agriculture Marketing Board, Sanjay Chauhan former Mayor of Shimla alleged that in violation of the APMC Act illegal collection is being taken by the APMC barriers. 

He said that the collection of market fees from farmers and growers are being made at various barriers established by APMC Shimla Kinnaur.  

The vehicles carrying the produce of  Sanjay Chauhan ( resident of village Padara of Tehsil Kotkhai, District Shimla on  September 11, 2023, were forced to pay the market fee and illegal collection by the APMC Shimla and Kinnaur Committee at Meri Pul place.

He alleged that officials of APMC did not issue complete receipts of collection, and the investigation showed no payment made in the matter.

He said that barriers are supposed to collect market free from Commission agents and buyers however the apple Growers are being forced to pay the illegal fee.

He said that despite showing  Kisan Udyan Card a driver of the vehicle was forced to pay the market fee.

 He said that the attitude of the employees present was very rude moreover some of them are not issuing receipts of illegal collection. 

He said that this case is not an isolated case, every year such cases of illegal and illegal recovery from farmers and gardeners come to light at various weirs established by APMC Shimla Kinnaur.  

He said that it is not illegal extortion but a den of widespread corruption on the part of  APMC employees by taking money without provision and leaving the vehicles.

He said that crores of rupees are illegally recovered from the growers and APMC also suffers a loss of crores of rupees due to the corrupt conduct of the employees. 

He sought immediate action on the complaint and took appropriate steps to stop this illegal and illegal collection of market fees from farmers l

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