Apple grower dumps rotten apples in water stream – Pollution Control Board slaps Rs One Lakh fine

Himachal Pollution Control Board (HPCB) has imposed a fine of Rs one lakh on an apple grower in the drain in the Rohru area.  

HPCB has sent a notice to the apple named Yashwant and instructed him to pay it within 15 days.  

Questions are being raised on the action of the Pollution Control Board because it is being said that there is no drinking water scheme in the drain in which the apple grower had thrown the apple.

The Regional Officer of the Pollution Control Board said that there is a 2013 order of NGT in the Abhishek Rai vs. State case, where it has been said that if someone throws anything in a river stream or water-stream, a penalty of one lakh rupees should be imposed on him. The grower threw the apple in the drain in the month of July.

 In fact, after heavy rains in the month of July,  Yashwant, a resident of Balasan, Rohru, had thrown some of his crates of apples into the adjacent drain.

  Later someone made its video viral on social media and then the grower said that the apple had rotted because of the road closure therefore he had thrown the apple. 

 While throwing the apple in the drain, someone made a video of it, which quickly went viral on social media. There was a debate on this for a long time.  

Then Chief Minister Sukhu said that BJP leaders are misleading the public by spreading lies about the closer of the road.

 On the instructions of the Horticulture Minister, SDM Rohru investigated the matter, and an FIR was also lodged in Rohru against the person who made the video viral.

 Now HPCB has given notice of contaminating water under the Water Act citing the NGT order of 2013.  

 Former minister and senior BJP leader Suresh Bhardwaj said that the Congress party has always been anti-farmer.  

The anti-farmer face of Congress has come to the fore again today.  He said that the apple of the gardener had rotted due to the closure of the road.  Therefore Apple Growers threw it away.

 Now the HPPCB has sent a notice to pay the fine, while the gardener himself has given his explanation.  He has demanded that Chief Minister Sukhu should withdraw the notice given to the gardeners and not to harass the gardeners in this way.

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