A car carrying four people fell down in Satluj River near Nogli in Shimla District

A Maruti car carrying four people fell down in spated Satluj river near Nogli on the National Highway under Rampur Subdivision in the darkness last night. There is no trace of the vehicle till now.

 The Maruti car fell into the Sutlej River from the national highway near Nogli under the Rampur police station in the Shimla district. 

The victims belonged to Ladu village of Kharhan Panchayat of Nankhadi tehsil, the car was going to Mahatma Gandhi Medical Services Complex Khaneri in Rampur by taking the sick person at around 10.45 last night. 

The vehicle plunged into the rover while it was negotiating a rain-damaged narrow road. 

  Among the victim are the driver of the car Rajiv Bontla( 33 ) and his mother  Sundala Devi ( 55 )  Sonu alias Mehar Singh (37)  and Sheetal (29) all belonged to the same family.

The driver was taking his ailing mother to Khaneri Hospital. The car and the people who were swept away in the raging Sutlej River could not be traced.

  Former President of panchayat Kaul Singh Negi said that all victims were going to Khaneri Hospital last night when the accident happened. 

  He told that safety signs were not installed on the broken road, nor was any arrangement made properly.   He told that proper signage should be installed on damaged roads.

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