32 Deodar tree axed in Chopal 

High-value Deodar Timber wood 32 trees were felled from a forest in Chopal of Shimla district A fir has been registered into crime.

FIR has been lodged on June 22, 2023, under Section 379 IPC & 32, 33 IF Act on the Statement Ajane Purshottam Thakur Range Officer Forest Range Sarain, Mandal Chaupal Distt Shimla. 

He said that on June 21, 2023, he received information from DFO Chopal that trees have been felled illegally in Cheuna compartment Kuhal beat. 

On this information, he along with his staff visited the spot where he found illegal felling of deodar and Kayal trees. 

 Six days before the FIR complaint received a request from Surendra Pradhan GP Lingjar, Rinku S/o Late Sh. Shivram, son of Narendra Late.All the residents of Kanshi Ram had talked about the construction of a cricket ground in Cheuna of village Bhatna, Post Office Sarain, Tehsil Chaupal.

It is suspected that they have cut this tree. in which this case has been registered.

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