22 lakh women of Himachal are waiting for Rs. 1500 per month: Bindal

BJP State President Dr. Rajeev Bindal said that Bharatiya Janata Party has a clear belief that the present Congress government is running away from the issues.

The issues of public interest are clear and written on the walls, those issues are the guarantees given in the elections. Today it has been 8 months of the present government, but 22 lakh women of the state are waiting for Rs. 1500 per month. But the government is not giving any answer on this issue.

Farmers are sitting on piles of cow dung, and farmers have bought animals by spending lakhs of rupees, but there is no policy regarding buying milk in the state. The farmer is paying interest on the loan money, milk is being sold at Rs.40 per litre. Congress leaders had given a guarantee of Rs 100 per liter for the purchase of this milk.

Unemployed in the state were to get one lakh jobs, one lakh jobs in the first year and while guaranteeing one lakh every year, the Congress party had given a guarantee of giving 5 lakh jobs at the time of elections.

One year has come to an end, not even a single person has got a job, but thousands of people have been fired, in many departments even the outsourced employees are not getting their salaries.

Apart from this, there are 7 more guarantees which the Congress party had given to the public during the elections.

The BJP directly wants to know from the Sukhu government why they are not fulfilling the guarantees and why they are misleading the public.

Congress government closed 1000 institutions opened by BJP’s Jairam Thakur government. Today it has been 8 months, till date the Congress government has not given an answer as to why these institutions were closed.

The hospitals were running, the doctor was sitting but the institutes were closed. Tehsils, sub-tehsils, Patwar circle, SDM offices, XEN, SDO, JE offices were all running. This government has stopped everything.

Till today the people of the state are asking why this institution was closed. This was not a part of the 10 guarantees of the Congress government, they are fulfilling the guarantees they have not given and by not fulfilling the guarantees they have given, they are trying to divert attention towards different issues.

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