24 kg apple box is getting the price according to 22 kg in Himachal: BJP

BJP MLA Balbir Verma and BJP leader Chetan Bragta apple orchards are in a state of confusion due to the state government’s order. The apple season has started but the gardeners still do not know how to sell their apples. The state government has fixed the weight of the box at 24 kg without thinking. Without groundwork, gathering information about facts, and without any discussion, such decisions are becoming harmful for gardeners. The government said that the box should not be filled with more than 24 kg. The gardener may accept this decision of the government, but the government should tell why they are reducing the rate of 2 kg to 24 kg. This is being openly looted by the gardeners, which we strongly oppose.

BJP leaders said that the government should withdraw this decision, on what basis this decision has been taken. Under which rule the reduction of 2 kg in the box is being done, the information about this should be kept in front of the gardeners by the government. Apples should be sold on the basis of kg, the gardener has no objection in this, the gardener gets a fair price for each grain of apple, but why the weight of 24 kg, this is a big question in the mind of the gardener today. The gardener will need it. Whose price in the market is from 8000 to 15000 rupees. Is the government able to provide these machines to all the gardeners, the government should also answer this.

According to a calculation, the gardener who has 1000 boxes of apples, now that gardener will have to fill about 1250 to 1300 boxes due to the weight of 24 kg. It means that the gardener will have to fill 250 to 300 boxes extra. What will happen with this, it will increase the cost of the gardener, such as empty carton, tray inside it, separator etc. material, labor cost, carriage, transport etc. In such a situation, instead of profit, the gardener is facing loss.

Even if the second gardener delivered apples to the market according to a 24 kg box, then will both parties be able to agree on the measurement? It will not be able to be made because the gardeners are getting 22 kg money on 24 kg box according to today’s system.

Chetan Bragta said that this thoughtless decision of the government is causing discord between the gardeners and the buyers. The reason may be that due to the Tughlaqi decree weighing 24 kg, the gardeners turn to the mandis of outside states. The jobbers and traders here can also migrate to outside mandis, due to which the state may have to bear the loss of revenue.

Bringing universal carton is today’s demand but universal carton can be used only when first cardboard industry is ready to make carton of this size, is cardboard industry ready for this? There is a need to brainstorm on this also.

BJP leaders said that along with the cabinet minister, CPS from the apple-dominated region, many officers of cabinet rank are also in the state government.

When these people were in the opposition, they said that when they come to power, they will implement the APMC Act 2005. So I demand from them that APMC 2005 should be implemented in letter and spirit. The government could not take any concrete step in the field of horticulture. That’s why at present the government is requested to give freedom to gardeners to sell their produce.

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