11th class boy Manoj Kumar, An emerging artist has mastered the art of playing harmonium

A promising Birwan has smooth leaves, that is, the symptoms of a promising child start appearing from childhood. One such living example is the emerging young artist Manoj Kumar. Who has expertise in singing and playing harmonium since childhood? This child can easily pick out the tune of any song on the harmonium. When his fingers move on the harmonium, the person in front is amazed to see the talent of this child. The most important thing is that it is very difficult to sing and play the harmonium along with the beats of dholak or tabla, but the enthusiasm with which this child sings with the harmonium makes it seem that he is a professional artiste.
Let us tell you that there is no dearth of talent among the youth in the rural environment. If you get the right guidance then it becomes an icing on the cake. Manoj Kumar belongs to an ordinary family of Dhali Bagra of Peeran Panchayat. Manoj Kumar is a student of class 11th in Government Senior Secondary School, Peeran, Junga tehsil. Participates enthusiastically in school programs. Every teacher in the school is a fan of this student’s art. Recently, in the sports competition of the Mashobra section held at Government Senior Secondary School, Janedghat, Manoj mesmerized hundreds of people by presenting the song Banka Mulka Himachala. Banka Mulka Himachala song is a three-taal song sung by Dr. KL Sehgal which good artists avoid singing. Everyone was stunned to see this song of Manoj and the art of harmonium. Due to this Manoj got the first prize in solo singing and his committee has been selected for the district-level sports competition.
In an interview, Manoj told that while studying in sixth class, he had learned to play harmonium at home by watching his uncle Rajuram. Told that for the last few years, he has been playing harmonium in the Kirtan, Bhajan or Kariyala held daily in the village. Although Manoj does not yet have basic knowledge of music, yet Manoj plays harmonium very well. He told that his dream is to become a top class artist for which he will now start taking online music classes.

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