Waves of music will echo in Dharech from the 6th to the 10th of June

A very big music program, Tabla Summer Camp, is being organized from 6th to 10th June in Gurukul Nagar of Dharech, a picturesque valley of Shimla district. About 35 Tabla lovers from India and abroad are going to participate. Vikram Gandharva, awarded with a gold medal in Tabla, will play the role of resource person in this camp.
Vikram Gandharva said during a special conversation that this is going to be the second music conference of its kind in the state, whereas the Winter Tabla Conference was organized in this Gurukul last November. In these five days, the picturesque valley of Dharech will be drenched in the waves of music. Apart from the state, famous tabla players from the country and abroad will also participate in this camp. Prominent among the tabla players coming from different states and abroad are Hetul Thakkar and Shubham Thakkar from America, Manoj from Dubai, Nachiket Pant Vaidya (CEO of Sony Entertainment Talent Venture Television) from Mumbai, Neeraj Acharya from Mumbai, Krunal and Kruday from Gujarat, Kerala. Hari Krishna, Krishna and Arda Krishna from Banaras, Santosh and Aman Raj from Banaras, Nikita Soni from Madhya Pradesh, Dr. Harshvardhan and Mukesh from Uttarakhand, Dipan from Rajasthan, Charan from Karnataka, Dr. Bhatti from Punjab, Ayush, Navdhish, Sarang, Sumit Singh from Delhi and Srishti from Shimla. 35 tabla players including Jatin, Divyanshu, Suryansh, Aastik, Abhishek, Anirudh, Shivansh, and Rupal will participate.
Let us tell you that Vikram Gandharva is originally a resident of Dharech of Kasupanti constituency, who has done an MPhil in Music and is going to do a PhD. His father Hetram Gandharva is a retired sub-inspector from the police department. Vikram knows taal, sure, and lay from his childhood itself as all the people in his family have preserved the traditional music knowledge in the changing environment. Apart from Pandit Kashmiri Lal, Pandit Gajendra Shivalkar, has learned the nuances of playing tabla from Pandit Nayan Ghosh. Vikram has won gold medals many times by presenting programs not only in the country but also abroad.
Famous ghazal singer Dr. Vinod Gandharva and famous flute player Hari Dutt Bhardwaj will also be present in the Tabla camp. Apart from this, famous Santoor player Kumari Anushka Majumdar will also perform in the program. Hetram Gandharva and Sunil Gandharva will play lead roles in organizing the camp. He has urged the people of the area to participate in this Tabla Winter Conference and enjoy music to the fullest.

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