HIMCOSTE displays Himachal’s GI art & natural products at Shimla

To showcase the state’s unique arts and natural wealth Himachal Council of Science Technology and Environment (HIMCOSTE) unveiled an exhibition of all the Geographical Indications products of Himachal Pradesh at Indira Gandhi State Sports Complex Shimla, inaugurated by state Chief Secretary,  Prabodh Saxena, today.  

Mr. Satpal Dhiman, Joint Member Secretary of HIMCOSTE said in a press release that the exhibition was organized to promote GI products which was unveiled today and lasted till, 10th July 2023 at Indira Gandhi State Sports Complex (IGSSC), Shimla. 

The exhibition displayed Kullu Shawl, Kangra Tea, Chamba Rumal, Kinnauri Shawl, Kangra Painting, Himachali Kala Jeera, Himachali Chulli Oil, Chamba Chappal, Lahauli Woven Socks and Gloves under the Geographical Indications Act, 1999.  Whereas, Spiti Seabuckthorn, Himachali Topi, Chamba Metal Craft, Mandi ki Seppu Wadi, Sirmauri Loia, Kinnauri Apple, Kinnauri Jewellery, Pangi ki Thangi (Hazelnut). All these products were declared GI products by the  GI Registry Office, Chennai.

Tourists, customers, and local residents of the city have a unique opportunity to avail these valuable traditional products at one stop at the Indira Gandhi State Sports Complex (IGSSC).

Mr. Dhiman said that  GI registration for a product is an assurance of its genuineness, originality, and uniqueness.  The origin of these GI-registered products in specific agro-climatic and geographical conditions gives them special quality due to which the consumers and customers are looking for them.  Exhibitors are authorized users of the above-mentioned products from across the state who have been registered by the Government of India.  

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